COVID-19 and Return of our Chess Club

COVID-19 and Return of our Chess Club – Sunday 05 July

Due to the need to create the necessary Social Distancing space between gaming machines that is now required by the NSW Government, Rooty Hill RSL (HQ) is currently using our playing hall as a storage room for 230 gaming machine stools and purchased joinery to assemble new gaming bases.

Sadly, following further communication this week from Rooty Hill RSL (HQ), we must advise that there is a further delay in returning to over-the-board-play. We are now hoping to restart on Monday 3 August, depending on new updates from Rooty Hill RSL (HQ).

We will present a new Chess Calendar when we have access to a playing area again.

In the meantime please join us on our Online Chess Club on Monday and Wednesday nights at Any friends are welcome to join as well.