COVID-19 and Return of our Chess Club

COVID-19 and Return of our Chess Club – Sunday 19 July

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 and the extreme uncertainty it has created, Chess club meetings will not happen at the West HQ/Rooty Hill RSL club, until further notice.

This is due to health concerns for our chess club members and the West HQ/Rooty Hill RSL Club applying current NSW Government restrictions.

Consequently, sadly all planned upcoming over-the-board tournaments for the rest of 2020 have now been cancelled.

When the NSW COVID-19 restrictions applying to clubs are lifted, we will notify members when we are able to resume over-the-board activities.

In the meantime. please join us to play chess at our Online Chess Club on Monday and Wednesday nights at friends are welcome to join as well.

Donato Mallari 1968 – 2020

Sunday 5 July, 2020

This week we received the sad news that Donato Mallari has passed away.

Donato was an enthusiastic, popular player and was a respected member of various chess clubs during his chess career, including Rooty Hill Chess Club.

He was one of the most active players in NSW in the last ten years.

His greatest achievement was being awarded the FM title at the 2017 Oceania Zonal Championship in Auckland with a score of 6 out of 9.

Other achievements included shared first in the 2012 Rooty Hill FIDE Open and winning the 2013 North Sydney Chess Club Championship ahead of a strong field, including a young (but already very strong) Anton Smirnov, who he beat in their individual game.

For Donato playing chess was lots of fun and even a painful loss would hardly effect his good mood. After all there was always the next game to look forward to!

One of his chess skills that stood out was to keep looking for hidden tactical resources to escape defeat in lost positions and often against the odds he would succeed in doing so.

He will be greatly missed and we wish his family lots of strength during this difficult time.

Five RHCC Juniors selected for 2020 JETS

Five RHCC Juniors selected for 2020 JETS

Congratulations to Vihaan, Shaheel, Dhwani, Alaina and Daniel, who have all been selected for the 2020 Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS).

The JETS will be trained online this year, including training by top Grand Masters like Judith Polgar and Ian Rogers.

For more details go to


A Message from our President Peter Cassettari 

Dear All,

I need to talk about Coronavirus, and how it affects all of us.

I do not think we have much to worry about, but we need to take precautions. 

Fortunately, children seem to be more immune system to the Coronavirus yhan adults. This doesn’t mean they cannot get it, just not severely. But they can carry and transmit to their parents and other adults.

Coronavirus is passed on by water droplets from an infected person, usually by sneezing or coughing. These Water droplets can land on you or onto a surface that you then touch.


A face mask offers limited protection; it does not protect your eyes! Hand Sanitizers should only be used when you cannot wash your hands! 

Hand Sanitizers are anti-bacterial, not antiviral. Coronavirus is a Virus not bacterial!

The best protection is hand washing! 

We touch our faces many times in a minute; only touch your eyes, nose or mouth with clean hands!

Wash your hands often, especially after going to the toilet.  Wash thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Please also dry your hands thoroughly. Do not Rush! Use a paper towel to open the bathroom door to exit, drop the paper towel, in the bin by the door. 

Your hands should not touch any surfaces where possible.

Chanya Rupasinghe =1st at AJCC U10 Girls

Congratulations to Chanya Rupasinghe for her great achievements at the 2020 Australian Junior Chess Championships held in the Gold Coast.

Chanya shared first place with Darline Augustine in the U10 Girls Championship with 6.5 out of 8. Going into the last round Chanya was actually leading by 1/2 a point, but a last round draw allowed Darline to catch up and force a playoff.

Unfortunately Chanya had to concede the AJCC U10 title playing black in a Armageddon tie-break game.

Nevertheless this was a fantastic result for Chanya!!

Other great results were winning the U10 Girls Blitz and second prize in U14 Girls Problem Solving. She also did well in the U10 Open as best girl with 6 out of 9 and sharing 9th place with six other players including Vihaan and Daniel (Zhiyi).