COVID-19 and Return of our Chess Club

COVID-19 and Return of our Chess Club – Sunday 19 July

Sadly, we must advise that there is now an indefinite delay in returning to over-the-board-play.

A restart is dependent on updates from Rooty Hill RSL (West HQ) and potential COVID-19 restrictions that could be enforced by the NSW State Government.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments and present a new Chess Calendar as soon as we have access to a playing area again.

In the meantime please join us on our Online Chess Club on Monday and Wednesday nights at Any friends are welcome to join as well.

Donato Mallari 1968 – 2020

Sunday 5 July, 2020

This week we received the sad news that Donato Mallari has passed away.

Donato was an enthusiastic, popular player and was a respected member of various chess clubs during his chess career, including Rooty Hill Chess Club.

He was one of the most active players in NSW in the last ten years.

His greatest achievement was being awarded the FM title at the 2017 Oceania Zonal Championship in Auckland with a 6 out of 9 score.

Other achievements included shared first in the 2012 Rooty Hill FIDE Open and winning the 2013 North Sydney Chess Club Championship ahead of a strong field, including a young (but already very strong) Anton Smirnov who he beat in their individual game.

For Donato playing chess was lots of fun and even a painful loss would hardly effect his mood. After all there was always the next game to look forward to!

One of his chess skills that stood out was to keep looking for hidden tactical resources to escape defeat in lost positions and often against the odds he would succeed in doing so.

He will be greatly missed and we wish his family lots of strength during this difficult time.

Five RHCC Juniors selected for 2020 JETS

Five RHCC Juniors selected for 2020 JETS

Congratulations to Vihaan, Shaheel, Dhwani, Alaina and Daniel, who have all been selected for the 2020 Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS).

The JETS will be trained online this year, including training by top Grand Masters like Judith Polgar and Ian Rogers.

For more details go to

Rooty Hill Online Chess Club

Here is a step by step method of joining the Rooty Hill Online Chess Club:

If you already have a account, go to step 5.

If you do not have a account:

1.  Go to via the URL or a search engine (i.e. google).

2. On the left-hand side click on “Sign Up.” It is orange.

3. Enter a username, email and password for your account.

4. Press “Create your free account”.

5. Join the Rooty Hill Chess Club “club” with either the link: or through the search bar at the bottom left corner of the screen.

6. Apply to join the group by pressing “Join” and please provide your name.

Once you have joined the group on, to play in a Rooty Hill Chess Club Tournament: 

1. On the menu, either located on the left, right or top of the screen hover over “play” and move the curser over “live chess” and click on it. 

2. Locate the “tournaments tab” on the top right hand side. There will be a tournament labelled as “Rooty Hill Chess Club (and the type of tournament it is)”.

Tournaments are not Visible until 25 hours before the start time.

3.Registration on the tournament starts 1 hour before the tournament starts, at 5:30pm as the tournament will be scheduled to start at exactly 6.30pm AEST.

4. Once the tournament starts, you will automatically be paired against someone else, and after all games for that round have finished, you will be paired against someone with the same points as you.