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2023 Rooty Hill Blitz Championships

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Date: 4th of July
Time: Approximately 7:30 pm following the AGM
Time Control: 5 minutes
11 Rounds Swiss with FIDE Approved Baku Acceleration Method
FIDE Blitz and ACF Quick Rated
Prior to the start of the tournament, please inform the arbiter to have your name marked off and included in the draw.

Entry Fees

Members: $5
Non-Members: $10
Late Fee: Additional $5 (After Sunday 2nd of July)

Prize Money

1st: $50
2nd: $30
3rd: $10

Lower Half
1st: $50
2nd: $20

Note: Lower half prizes only eligible to rated players

Enter Here (Non-Members ONLY)


Terms and Conditions

Prize money is dependent on the number of entries in the tournament.
July FIDE Blitz Ratings and June ACF Quick Ratings will be used.
Rules of this tournament are governed under Appendix B Article B.4 per the FIDE Arbiters Handbook October 2022.
The decision of the arbiter is final, and no appeals will be allowed in the interest of not disrupting the flow of the event and the timing. (Article 11.10)
Prizes are paid via electronic bank transfer unless otherwise stated.
A full refund will be issued if you inform the organisers of the event of your withdrawal 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, no refund will be issued if you are absent.

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Rooty Hill Chess Club Committee IMPORTANT

 The Rooty Hill Chess Club Council is currently looking for an assistant arbiter, assistant webmaster and equipment officer to join the council and help assist with the operation of the chess club. Without an assistant arbiter and equipment officers, the club may not be able to operate in the future as the size of the club continues to grow. 

As you may or may not know, Rooty Hill Chess Club has grown in size significantly over the last two years. We are one of the largest, if not the largest chess club in NSW and the only chess club serving Western Sydney and its surroundings. We currently have over 100 members, with 87 people currently playing in the Rooty Hill Autumn Swiss (including non-members). This is expected to grow into the future, and thus we need assistance with the operation of the club and its growth.

The following outlines the positions we need.

 Assistant Arbiter Roles and Requirements

  • Filling in for the arbiter at the chess club when necessary.
  • Be able to stay behind until the last game is finished and the packing up of equipment.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the FIDE rules of chess (Refer to FIDE Arbiters Manual).
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the operation of the Vega Chess Pairings Program (The club will teach you how to use the software).
  • National Arbiter License (The club will cover the fees associated with this).
  • Arrives approximately 30 minutes before the round or tournament begins.

It is vital that we have a licensed assistant arbiter at Rooty Hill Chess Club, as otherwise, we will no longer be able to continue operating the chess club. You do NOT have to arbit every round and tournament. Only when necessary.

Equipment Officer Roles

  • Multiple equipment officers would be very much appreciated. This means that one person will not have to set up every single week.
  • The equipment officer(s) will need to show up approximately an hour before the round/tournament begins to set up the chess boards and clocks.
  • The equipment officer does NOT have to stay behind to pack up but can if they wish to.
  • This is vital as it allows us to start tournaments on time every week.

Assistant Webmaster Roles

  • Updating the club’s website, with the most recent content. (Recent results, pairings, weekly newsletter, etc.)
  • Assisting with the setting up of collecting tournament entries.
  • Assisting with organising and designing the website when necessary. 
  • Assisting with managing the RHCC Google Group.
  • Assisting with managing the current host of the website (Dreamhost)
  • Assisting with migrating the website domain and host when necessary. (DueMid-20252025)
  • Access to personalised email address (if wanted).

Please email if you are able and willing to join the committee and assist with the operation of the club.

2023 Rooty Hill Club Championship

To enter, you must be a member of Rooty Hill Chess Club

If you are a member, please login at the top right of this page

Entry Fees:
Adult: $15 | Junior $10

Please ensure you enter on time, as we cannot insert you into a division after they are sorted.

DivisionTournament Format
A10-Player Round Robin (FIDE and ACF Rated)
B16-Player Swiss (FIDE and ACF Rated)
C16-Player Swiss (FIDE and ACF Rated)
D16-Player Swiss (FIDE and ACF Rated)
ERemaining Players Swiss (ACF Rated ONLY)
Divisions will be determined based on entries and your FIDE rating.

The organisers of the event will allocate you to the division in which you will play in. This will be notified closer to the start of the tournament.

Time Control: 90 Minutes + 30 seconds per move

Clocks Start: 7:15pm

Default Time: 7:45pm

Entries close Saturday 10th June for all divisions

Round 1: 13th of June Round 4: 11th of JulyRound 6: 1st of August Postponed Games: 22nd of August
Round 2: 20th of June Round 5: 18th of JulyRound 7: 8th of August Round 9: 29th of August
Round 3: 27th of June Postponed Games: 25th of JulyRound 8: 15th of August
A rapid tournament will be held on the nights of postponed games if you do NOT have a postponed game.

If you do have a postponed game, you will be playing that game instead.

Entries close Saturday 10th June for all divisions
Late Entries $25 Adults $15 Juniors

  • All absences must be communicated before 6 pm on Saturday.
  • Any players who do not turn up to their game or inform the arbiter prior at will automatically be withdrawn from the tournament and not be paired in future rounds. Any players who wish to continue playing must pay a $10 non-refundable fee.
  • The draw published on Saturday/Sunday will be provisional, and any changes will be notified on the night of the round.
  • Any player who arrives at the chessboard more than 30 minutes after the start of the session shall lose the game unless the arbiter decides otherwise.
  • If you are running late, please email as soon as possible. There is limited to no signal at the club, so we will unlikely receive your message or call.
  • There is no analysis at the board permitted.
  • If your opponent does not arrive, the organisers will repair you with another player or allocate a bye.
  • We cannot cater for every contingency but will attempt to be as flexible as possible.
  • Wearing a Face Mask is still a condition of entry.

Bye conditions for each division:
Division A:
No half-point byes will be given. If you cannot make it to your game on the night, contact and your game will be played on the next available postponed games night. If you cannot make the postponed games night, you will be given a forfeit. As the tournament is a round-robin, games can be played in advance on the postponed games night if you cannot make Round 9.
Division B/C/D/E:
No half-point byes will be given. If you cannot make it to your game on the night, contact and your game will be played on the postponed games night. If you cannot play on the postponed games night, you will be given a forfeit. If you cannot make round 9, a zero-point bye will be given.

2023 Annual Simul with IM Gary Lane

Please note you must be a current financial member of the Chess Club and the West HQ to play in the Simul.

For financial juniors, a parent must also be a member of West HQ.

Please check your email for the entry link.

Rules for the Simul: 30 players only. 

Starts at 7:00 pm sharp 6th of June

1. No chess clocks are used. 

2. Gary will be white on all boards. 

3. Gary walks from board to board. 

4. Each player is expected to make a move when Gary arrives at the board. 

5. When Gary arrives at your Board, you are allowed to say pass and not make a move on ONE occasions ONLY.  

6. Gary has the right to change his move up until the moment he makes his move on the next board.

7. Once down to the last 3 players, his opponents will have 5 minutes on a clock to finish their games.

8. Any players who defeat Gary in the simul will receive a book/DVD price of their choice that is available at the night

Login Details: Your password is your West HQ Membership number. Your email is the email used when registering.